Lazyman (formerly Steve Pile Band) is a Northern California rock band influenced by delta blues, “good” country music, African rhythms and tasty jams. These flavors wrap Steve Pile’s original tunes like bacon around a fig. As Steve Pile Band, they have been playing around the Bay Area for 5 years, as well as with other bands like Tiny Television and Fog Dub.

Lazyman starts a new chapter, with a new mindset. The band’s well-honed musical chemistry is now singularly focused on YOU having a damn good time. Ear candy for your soul. So, while the influences may be all over the map, the music is all about being right here, right now.

They are currently writing tunes for their debut album as Lazyman. Recent performances include the HIPNIC V, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Big Room, The Rivertown Revival, and Lagunitas Brewing Co.